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Decorating the kitchen set

We received an order to decorate a cabinet in a new kitchen. The customer asked to replace the transparent corrugated glass with a bronze matte patterned mirror. This page shows all the steps for working with glass in the cabinet.
At first we take out the "original" glass, after marking the matted area with a marker. Cut the mirror to desired size.
After the customer has chosen the drawing, we cut the stencil on a self-adhesive sticker and begin the preparation - we select the unnecessary elements of the stencil. These elements are best removed when the stencil is still on the substrate. In the future this will save you from many unnecessary troubles.
Our stencil is almost ready for transfer, what remains is to stick the mounting (transport) film on it and transfer it to the prepared mirror.After transferring the stencil to the prepared mirror, we allow the film to adhere well to the surface; stand for one day.
A day later, when the film of our stencil has adhered correctly to the glass, we process the mirror with IVSATIN matting paste. Spread the paste evenly over the stencil.
After 10 minutes, we collect the paste back into the container for later use and wash the glass with soap and water.
We remove the stencil, remove the remaining glue with any detergent, and look at the result.
Now we go to the client’s home and set the mirror in its place.
Looking at the image here's what happened in the end. However, any housewife can make such a product. You can do a real professional job by studying our video course.
And these are cabinets decorated with the hands of a matting paste IVSATIN buyer, from Kazakhstan.
If desired, to achieve a brighter effect, the matte pattern on the mirror can be lit with a flexible LED strip.
It looks something like this (poor image quality due to shooting in the dark).
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