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Creation of half tones by chemical frosting of glass.

This page shows within stages the process of creating a matte pattern on transparent polished glass of the M1 brand with varying degrees of white saturation - a bright white pattern on a more transparent matte background.
This technique is very convenient in that case of where it is necessary to completely deprive the glass of transparency, but at the same time where some kind of pattern is put on it.
Processing is performed in the following order.
  • First, as usual, stick the stencil on oil-free glass.
  • We cover all exposed areas of glass with a self-adhesive film.
  • Apply IVSATIN paste for 8-10 minutes to get a bright image.
  • After washing, we get a clear matte pattern.
  • After that, we start matting the background. At this stage, we strictly monitor the time. The paste should be on the glass for exactly 1.5 minutes (provided that the paste is fresh enough).
  • After a minute and a half, we wash the glass, remove the stencil, and admire the result.
We use the method of stepwise matting of glass. As well as using the method of adding or hiding areas of glass that need to be processed at different time intervals of the matting process. You can get the most unexpected images that are inferior to sandblasting in only one way - this is the lack of a relief pattern.
And for volumetric glass objects, it will be necessary to combine the matting of the bright pattern with the paste and the subsequent matting of the background in the IVSATIN solution.
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