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How to open a glass and mirror cutting workshop

Everyone who wants to open a glass and mirror cutting workshop has a lot of questions.:
  • Is it profitable to have a glass cutting workshop?
  • Glass cutting market?
  • Where to place the workshop?
  • What size is the workshop room?
  • Rent a room or your own room?
  • What equipment and tools are needed for glass?
  • Where to buy glass and a mirror?
  • How to attract buyers?
  • What documents are needed to open a glass and mirror cutting workshop?
We will consider all of the above issues in order.
1. Is it profitable to have a glass cutting workshop? On average, the profitability of the glass and mirror cutting shop ranges from 80% to 200%. It depends on the location of the workshop, rental conditions, market, availability of similar workshops (competitors) nearby, prices for glass, mirror, prices for glass tools and consumables. In any case, this is an interesting, and most importantly, profitable business.
2. Main market for cutting glass and mirrors: а) work for private buyers b) work under certain permanent contracts with factories for the manufacture of: wooden or plastic windows (glass for windows), wooden or plastic doors (door panels of transparent or frosted glass), cabinet furniture (door panels, TV cabinets, office furniture, dressing table and etc.) sliding wardrobes (mirrors), glass furniture (showcases, glass tables and any other glass furniture), mirrors for bathrooms, etc.
3. Where to place the workshop? The opening location of the glass and mirror cutting workshop is more dependent on the market. If your business is more focused on private buyers, it is better to open a workshop on the construction market or in any other prominent place in your area of the city. If you have permanent production contracts, the location of your workshop does not matter. The main thing is that it is convenient for accessing vehicles.
4. What size is the workshop room? The required recommended area of the glass and mirror cutting workshop for working with private clients is from 18 to 30 square meters. When working with production orders, the size of the areas of your workshop depends only on the volume of cutting.
5. Rent a room or your own room? Of course, it would be better if you had at your disposal a room of your production or a workshop for cutting glass and mirrors. Then there is no need to pay a monthly rent. If your business is focused on private buyers, it would be more appropriate to first rent a room or container in the construction market. And later or immediately with the relevant authorities, you can discuss the issue of placing your own container near the market or in any other place convenient for you in your city. If you are close to the market, find out whether the land adjacent to it belongs to the market or is rented for several years, and conclude a land lease agreement with it. If the land near the market or other convenient area belongs to the city, then you must obtain the appropriate permission from the city administration and other necessary authorities, a list of which you can find in the administration. If your business is focused on long-term contacts with enterprises, then you can also first rent a room in any convenient place in a city or district and only later build or buy a container for the workshop, having received permission from the head of the district or city administration.
6. What equipment and tools are needed for glass?
    • Table for manual or semi-automatic cutting of glass and mirrors. Table size 10x6.5 ft or 13x10 ft. A glass cutting table allows you to cut glass and mirrors using a professional glass cutting tool. This table can be made independently. Only there is an important BUT! A table made on an industrial scale guarantees high strength, long service life, high-quality felt coating, no scratches on the surface of the glass, minimal scrap when cutting, saving time when cutting glass.
    • Pyramids - 2 pcs. The first pyramid is used for continuous sheets of glass and mirrors. The second pyramid is used to place finished customer orders.
    • Glass cutter professional oil-filled.
    • "quick cut" for glass oil-filled
    • An oil-filled circular glass cutter for cutting circles of glass and mirrors. Required in the manufacture of mirrors in bathrooms, glass tables and other circles of glass and mirrors.
    • Oil or glass cutting fluid.
    • Glass cutter for cutting ellipses. Required for the manufacture of oval mirrors for bathrooms, wardrobes, dressing tables, etc.
    • Template for rounding corners. Used for any purpose to round glass corners. For example, rounding glass corners for tables, glass shelves, etc.
    • Ruler with suction cups, ruler without suction cups, angle rulers. Not a required but recommended tool..
    • Device for blunting the edge of the glass.
    • Manual suction cups for glass.
    • An additional tool is a brush for sweeping glass fragments from the table, gloves for protecting hands, an apron for cutting glass, etc.
7. Where to buy glass and a mirror?We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the offer of the nearest glass and mirror companies in your area via the Internet. At the same time, study all offers for all types of glass and mirrors, including frosted, satin, stained glass, etc.
8. How to attract buyers?
  • advertising sign in front of your workshop
  • advertising banners and stands in the sleeping area of the city, as well as near your workshop
  • local newspaper advertising
  • mailbox flyers
  • вывеска на вашей мастерской
  • посещение ближайших расположенных производств
  • call of the nearest productions
  • mailing advertising on the mail. Search the internet.
  • And other ways to advertise your workshop, which you can find out by buying the appropriate literature.
9. What documents are needed to open a glass and mirror cutting workshop? Для начала работы необходимо получить свидетельство Sole Proprietorship или зарегистрировать Limited Liability Company. You can find out how to do this at the tax office in your area.
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